Commentators Do the Ishant Sharma Face & It Was An Epic Fail

Thank you, Ishant Sharma for giving us the meme face of 2017. Commentators and cricketers across the board have tried to mimic that face, but – and I don’t know how else to put it – it has been an epic fail.

Here’s some context for the memed face: On day 2 of the second Test match between India and Australia, the Indians were able to fox the visitors.

Captain Steve Smith supported his lack of delivery analyses with amusing faces. Ishant Sharma mocked the captain and made a few himself. What followed was a social media campaign dedicated to his face. We did one too:

This is how the world mimicked it and we think it is an epic fail:

Matty, you’re better off on the cricket field!

Matthew Hayden’s Sharma face. (Photo Courtesy:

Oh, Brett, we love you, but don’t do this again!

Oh Brett Lee, WHY! (Photo Courtesy:

The man with 4 gods in his name also fails.

Laxman Sivaramakrisnan does an Ishant face. (Photo Courtesy:

The man with a seductive voice manages, feebly.

Sanjay Mangrekar’s meme face. (Photo Courtesy:

Pup Does What He Knows Best, a Puppy Face!

Sorry Michael Clarke! (Photo Courtesy:

Net net, we all love you, but Ishant Sharma had the best funny face of all time. Maybe you could try a mannequin challenge based on his face?