Comet ISON may be dying

Washington, Oct 6 (ANI): Comet ISON may actually be disintegrating, a new research has revealed.

Astronomer Ignacio Ferrin, FACom researcher, analyzed the most recent observational data of Comet ISON and has identified clear signatures of what he has called an "impending demise."

The so-called light-curve of the comet shows features previously observed in disintegrating comets.

The predictions of Prof. Ignacio Ferrin concerning the uncertain future of Comet ISON are being, if not definitively, confirmed at least supported by the most recent optical observations.

Despite the generalized skepticism and claims about the fact that the rumors of Comet ISON "fizzling" were greatly exaggerated, the comet is still showing an unexpected behavior that cometary specialists are fighting to explain.

"Comet ISON has presented a peculiar behavior," Prof. Ferrin while confirming what he already stated in the previous FACom press release, said.

He continues by saying that "the light curve of the comet exhibited a slowdown event characterized by a constant brightness with no indication of a brightness increase tendency."

This slowdown began around January 13, 2013, and, according to Prof. Ferrin, it continued up to the latest available observations at the end of September 2013.

The brightness has remained practically constant for more than 270 days or 9 months, a behavior without any precedent in cometary astronomy.

This evidence has led Prof. Ferrin to conclude that it is probably that the comet is dying. (ANI)