Comedian Craves for ‘Human Contact’ During Lockdown with Meme, Zomato Delivers

Food delivery app Zomato knows how to keep fans hooked. Be it with its super user-friendly discounts or on-point social media strategies, Zomato has a knack for staying on top of user demands and needs.

And it seems the company has stuck to it USP even during the coronavirus lockdown.

Recently, a comedian, Twitter user, and Zomato loyalist took to the microblogging site to post a meme about the Zomato. She edited a portion of the app's display that depicted a section called "lockdown cravings". The section listed the most ordered things in the area during the lockdown.

Comedian Surbhi Bagga decided to have some fun when she edited the section to add an icon named "Human contact" as one of the things most craved for in the lockdown. "Nice of Zomato to consider the needs of people living alone during these unprecedented times," she wrote as caption to the meme.

Not one to let others have the last laugh, Zomato took Bagga's joke quite seriously and ended up making the joke a reality. It actually added an icon called "Human contact" to the app's cravings section.

An impressed Bagga shared a screenshot of the app's interface on Twitter. "Nice of Zomato to come through. Go check out the app homepage today," she wrote.

Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal himself responded to Bagga, thanking her for the suggestion.

The exchange between the comedian and Zomato has been going viral with many people complementing Zomato for adding the human touch. Must say, Zomato does know how to keeo fans happy while also getting a bit of good publicity out of it.