‘Come, Give Me That Hug,’ Arizona Police Officer Rescues Suicidal Man With Warm Embrace (Watch Emotional Video)

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Are cops perfect? Of course, not, but they are humans and amazing, just the way, we expect our closest people to be. Every single day, under the most difficult situation, the police protect us from the evils and it is for their sleepless nights that we take a nap, peacefully. There have been numerous events, when the police officers have been captured handling situations remarkably well. Once again, a cop is winning hearts online for showering his warmest gesture to a person, who only needed a hug. On its Facebook page, the Chandler Police Department, shared an emotional interaction of an Arizona cop, rescuing a 26-year-old suicidal man. Not snatching the man up, but officer Aaron Little, chose to simply say, “Come, give me that hug.” 13 Subtle Signs of Suicidal Behaviour According to a Psychiatrist That We Miss Out On. 

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The incident occurred on March 28, but the footage from Little’s body camera was made public recently. The entire time, the officer kept his cool, offering embrace and nothing more. “I’ll hug you, man. I don’t care,” the officer can be heard saying. “I just want to talk to you, I swear.”

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His warmest gesture worked! The 26-year-old man, was convinced and climbed off the railing and back to the safety of the bridge. He immediately hugged the officer, all in tears. The man was immediately taken to the hospital to get accurate held. The cop kept his cool the entire time, offering embrace only. The way, officer Little handled, the situation has left the online users impressed and they are praising for keeping his calm and rescuing the man, this well.