Columbian Drug Cartel Members Arrested by Police, Gang Had Implanted Women Breast With Liquid Cocaine

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Bogota, November 13: The Columbian police, on Friday, arrested members of a Clumbian drug cartel called the 'Los Cirujanos.' The cartel gave women breast implants made up of liquid cocaine and send them to Europe, thereby smuggling the drugs in the continent. The police raided and arrested six men and four men belonging to the cartel. Mumbai Couple Held in Qatar for Drugs, NCB to Take Diplomatic Route to Bring Back Couple Jailed in Doha for Smuggling Drugs ‘Unintentionally.’

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The gang allegedly recruited women on account of giving jobs in Spain. Once recruited the women were made to undergo illegal operations in hotel rooms or rented apartments to implant liquid cocaine in their breasts and then trafficked them to Spain and other European countries.They also used calf implants designed to give women more shapely legs to smuggle the drugs. The silicon in the implants was replaced by cocaine. India News | 2 Pakistan backed Drug Smugglers Held in Punjab.

The police conducted two raids in the city of Cali in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca and the city of Medellin in the department of Antioquia, to bust the cartel and arrest the members. A doctor at the Medellin hospital is one of the members arrested by the police. Another member is accused of imposing as a doctor and recruit the victims by promising to give jobs.


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