Coke Ad Has Family Lusting for Pool Boy & It’s All About Inclusion

Smart advertising is the real key these days and Coca-Cola seems to be on top of its game. The latest Coke ad for Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Light is a new-age example of inclusion in advertising.

The ad opens with a shot of a very good looking, ripped man cleaning the pool. And what follows is something most of us can relate to. Sibling rivalry!

A brother and a sister lusting after the same pool boy is hilarious. They reach for a Coke in the refrigerator and then trip over each other, only to find that their mommy dearest is already helping the hot pool boy with a Coke and a sandwich. Ahan!

This ad aims at overt inclusion of the LGBT community and we’re loving it.

When we say Coke is really getting it right, it’s simply because the last few ads by the soft drink company have been successful in weaving simple, everyday situations while also attaching a social message.

For instance, the elevator ad by the company, where a star gets stuck in an elevator with hotel staff. They end up having fun, singing and dancing to the theme ‘Taste the feeling.’ Another very subtle message of breaking the class divide smartly played up.

We are compelled to say, Coke’s advertising skills are top notch.