Coimbatore woman provides free food to the needy

Feeding a hungry person is nothing less than a virtue. Our elders often say that whenever someone comes to the door hungry or needy, he should not go empty-handed. Following the same principle is a Coimbatore based Safreena, who runs a Biryani stall outside her house and offers free Biryani to hungry people irrespective of their caste or community. Though the cost of her biryani packet is Rs 20 but people who are really hungry and have no money can take it free of cost. Safreena is very specific about hygiene; she keeps her stall neat and clean and serves food wearing hand gloves. Just infront of her stall, she has kept a box, where she keeps several biryani packets. People, who are hungry but can't pay, can themself take a packet from the box without having to beg before anyone. Locals are effusive in their praises for Safreena for doing such a noble work. People like Safreena are truly an inspiration for society to rise above religious lines and help the needy and hungry people.