Coimbatore: Pregnant woman loses foetus after being beaten by railway police officer

The cop poured water on Lakshmi and her family while they were resting at a platform of the Coimbatore Central Railway Station and later hit her on the stomach.

Lakshmi, a 33-year-old daily wage earner, was beaten multiple times by a railway police officer while she was resting at a platform of the Coimbatore Central Railway Station.

She was waiting near the lobby of the platform to board a train to Palakkad in Kerala and was accompanied by her husband and kin.



  1. Witnesses claim that around 3am the government railway police officer Pandian poured a bucket of water at the woman and her family asking them to leave.
  2. When Lakshmi protested against his rude behaviour, Pandian reportedly hit her multiple times on her hip and stomach.
  3. Lakshmi, who was pregnant, screamed in pain on being hit following which a large crowd gathered and Pandian was removed from the site by fellow policemen.
  4. An ambulance was called in and Lakshmi was rushed to a hospital but the doctors were unable to save the 4-month-old foetus.
  5. "I asked him why he poured water on us because we were only sleeping there. He thrashed me several times. My stomach and back hurt. We conceived this baby after 8 long years," Lakshmi said.
  6. The witnesses also claimed that Pandian was drunk when the incident took place.
  7. No complaint has been filed against the cop as yet.


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