Coimbatore: Parents find broken needle inside infant's thighs days after vaccination

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Coimbatore: Parents find broken needle inside infant's thighs days after vaccination

n yet another case of negligence by government hospitals, a broken needle was left inside an infant's thigh after he was given vaccine injections at the Mettupalayam government hospital in Coimbatore on August 21.

The baby boy, born on August 20 to Prabhakaran and Malarvizh, was reportedly given vaccine injections on his left hand and left thigh on August 21.

The family had observed that the newborn was feeling uneasy since he was given the injections and had been constantly crying. The doctors, however, dismissed the family's concern, claiming that it's normal, and discharged the baby on August 31.

On September 8, when the infant's grandmother was bathing him, something poked her hand while washing his left thigh. To her surprise, she found a broken needle, about a centimetre long, stuck inside.

Shocked to see the broken needle inside his newborn's thigh, Malarvizhi subsequently pulled out the broken needle from the unhealed wound which was also filled with pus.

Agitated parents and relatives immediately filed a complaint with Mettupalayam government hospital to take action against the nurse and duty doctor over their negligence.

As no action was taken by the hospital against the doctor and nurse, the family has now lodged a complaint with Mettupalayam Police.

"We filed a complaint with the hospital against the duty doctor and the nurse for negligence but authorities did not take any action. Hence, we are lodging a police complaint now. We are doing this so no other child has to go through such pain," infant's father Prabhakaran said.

Health officials are to inspect the hospital on Thursday. The State Human Rights Commission has also sought a full report of the incident.