Coimbatore organisation performs last rites of Covid-19 dead bodies

Coimbatore (TamilNadu), July 05 (ANI): Covid-19 has posed several challenges before the country among which performing the last rites of the patients who succumb to the disease is the major one. In many cases the family of a deceased is in quarantine itself, while in few the family may not be willing to accept the body of the patient as the contamination levels are too high and there are even chances of fatal infection if not handled with care. In such a situation, Samaritans across Indian cities have taken upon themselves to carry out the funeral ceremonies of COVID-19 patients, whose bodies are refused by their families for their last rites. Few among them are the volunteers of a Coimbatore based organisation, named Tamil Nadu Muslim Munntera Kazhagham, who cremate the bodies of Covid-19 patients. Till now, members of the TNMK have cremated over 350 bodies as per the religious rituals of the deceased. During the second wave of the pandemic, members of this NGO alone cremated around 120 bodies of Covid-19 patients. The organisation performs cremation of all the dead bodies free of cost.

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