Coimbatore: Mosques take steps to conserve water for summer, build water harvesting plants

People of Coimbatore have decided to install water recycling in various mosques across the city.

After monsoon rains failed Tamil Nadu last year and temperatures expected to soar above normal during summer, water conservation has become a necessity which even pushed one minister to float thermocol sheets over river Vaigai. But, taking a sensible thought over the issue, people of Coimbatore have decided to install water recycling in various mosques across the city.

Coimbatore has 110 mosques and before five times prayers viz fajr, zuhr, asr, maghrib and isha, every Muslim must use water to clean his hands and legs. Estimating that 15 lakh litres are spent in a single day, people have come together with the new initiative.

As a way of leading the community, caretakers of Masjid ul Ihsaan have constructed a water re-harvest mechanism within the premises.

"We pray five times a day. The water used by only reach the drainage but keeping the summer in mind we've decided to re-harvest the water and are distributing it between 2km around the Masjid area," explained Shabeer Ali, secretary of Masjid ul Ihsaan,

The caretakers have constructed pits of 5-ft wide and 12-ft deep, where the used water gets collected recycled and then let back into the ground which can be used by others later. The mechanism's plan has been given to other mosques who have also agreed to construct the re-harvest pits soon. Shabeer Ali also said that water is a life giving source provided by the all mighty and its not a good thing to waste it.

Considering the intensity with which the sun is going to blaze Tamil Nadu such initiatives are much welcomed by the people.

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