Coimbatore engineering students develop robot for contactless care of COVID patients

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Nov 25 (ANI): Amid COVID-19 scare across the globe, when the best medicine is social distancing to reduce contamination, a proactive team of six undergraduate Mechatronics engineering students of a private college, Kumaraguru College of Technology, in Coimbatore have developed a prototype called A Doctor To Be (ADTB) to act as an interface between healthcare staff and patients. ADTB is a fully automated patient monitoring robot incorporated with AI/ML and IoT concepts to enhance future access in serving, diagnosing Covid-19 patients, while also disinfecting the ward. This robot can be very helpful for the doctors as they remain in close proximity with the COVID-19 patients for their treatment. The robot acts as an interface between the healthcare professionals and the patients who need constant attention. The automated robot ADTB with data processing and image processing comes to their aid, offering better access in the collection of vitals and monitoring of patients. This multilingual robot can also detect that the patients have their face masks on or not. Patients’ temperature and oxygen levels can also be recorded through this robot.