Cody Garbrandt grabs TJ Dillashaw by the throat, wants Demetrious Johnson after UFC 213

Bryan Rodrigues
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Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw are set to face off at UFC 213 for the UFC bantamweight championship in July. But the two former teammates decided to start their bout a little early, as they almost got into a brawl during the debut episode of The Ultimate Fighter 25.

Dillashaw and Garbrandt hate each other's guts and are both coaches on the ongoing season of the Ultimate Fighter. And it came as no surprise to anyone as the two fighters got into an altercation while shooting. However, neither of them actually started the argument.

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It all started after Seth Baczynski and Gilbert Smith started arguing with each other before Garbrandt decided to get himself into the melee and started calling out his opponent at UFC 213 in the process. Then, the two fighters were standing face to face and that's when Garbrandt went for Dillashaw's throat.

Dillashaw didn't get a chance to fight back and take a shot at Garbrandt as the rest of the fighters and coaches quickly stepped in and separated them before things got any worse.

"He stepped towards me in my bubble, got in my personal space. I latched him up like an eagle. Eagle latched up a snake. Right on the throat," Fox Sports quoted Garbrandt as saying.

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Given the history between Garbrandt and Dillashaw, it's highly unlikely that this will be the last time the two fighters clash on the Ultimate Fighter. After the incident took place, Dillashaw said that Cody needs to get involved in everything and that he is an attention whore.

"Cody feels he needs to get involved as well and be an attention whore. So he called me fake and then attacked me, which seemed a little crazy right? It all leads down to insecurity. Cody's not very smart. He doesn't have anything he can say that's witty and he feels like he needs to create drama to be important," Dillashaw said.

While Dillashaw will be looking to get revenge on Garbrandt when the two get inside the octagon in July, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion has already set his sights on the next fighter he wants to square off against — Demetrious Johnson.

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Johnson is currently on a 12 fight win streak, which is the longest active championship reign, with his latest win coming against Wilson Reis where he defended his UFC Flyweight Championship. He is regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the world at the moment, and Garbrandt said meeting him at the 125 pounds won't be a problem.

Check out what Cody Garbrandt had to say about TJ Dillashaw and possible fight wiith Demetrious Johnson next. 

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