Coconut growers seek ban of imported GM seeds and loan waiver

Coimbatore, Nov 18 (PTI) The Tamil Nadu Farmers' Unionon Monday asked the State government to prevail on the Centreto ban imported GM seeds.

Use of such seeds was generating white pests whichdestroy coconut trees and inter-crops, the union alleged.

A group of farmers affiliated to the union arrived atthe Collectorate by covering their mouths and also holdinginfested coconut leaves and submitted a petition listing theirdemands, which include waiver of loans.

Union president S Palanisamy claimed the white pestattack has resulted in loss of crores worth coconut trees andto compensate this, loans taken by the farmers should bewaived.

The farmers alleged that the department concerned hasobserved that the pest generation was the result ofcultivation of imported GM seeds in large areas, which wasaffecting the country's agriculure scenario.

The Centre should take steps to ban such imports tosave the farmers, he said. PTI NVMBN BN