Cobra Drinks Water From Bottle! Video of Forest Official Comforting the Snake Goes Viral

Team Latestly

Snake videos have their viewers on the internet. While many find slithering beings too creepy, others don't mind watching and sharing videos of snakes. Among the many videos of snakes that are being uploaded online every now and then, one clip of a cobra snake made to drink water by a forest official is going viral. This video is old but has resurfaced again. In this video, a man is carefully making the cobra drink water, while the snake patiently sips it. Cobra Lays Eggs in the Middle of a Street in Karnataka, Video of Rare Sight Goes Viral!

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It is not clear from where is the footage but it is indeed surprising. The man being a forest official seems to be friendly with the snake that he manages to go so close to the cobra. Although this is not the first time a snake drinking water from drinking bottle has gone viral. About two years ago, a 12-foot-long King Cobra was drinking bottle from the water bottle. The video was widely circulated and raised concerns about humans getting close to wildlife. Thirsty Koala Drinks Water From Bottle Amidst Heatwave in Australia, Video Goes Viral.

Watch Video of Friendly Cobra Drinking Water From Bottle:

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The video is from the month of May this year, so probably the snake too was feeling the scorching heat of the summers this year. Snakes often stray in search of water and food. When a similar video from Karnataka had gone viral years ago, it exposed the drought situation in the area. Some say it is quite common for snakes to be seen in local areas but it is also not safe to tend them, because they can also strike.