Cobra Attacks Dogs in Odisha: Heartbreaking Video of Mother Fighting With Snake to Save Her Puppies Goes Viral

Team Latestly

Odisha, September 20: In a dramatic fight, a mother dog of her puppies tried heroically to save her litter from a Cobra attack. The protective mother tried hard to save her puppies, barking ferociously at the venomous slithering creature. The incident took place in Bhadrak district in Odisha. The cobra was too aggressive thus people could not immediately run for help. The entire dramatic fight was captured on video. It is heart-wrenching to see the mother dog fighting desperately but can't do anything to save the litter. Cobra Swallows Onions and Vomits it Out, Bizarre Incident in Odisha Caught on Video!

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The mother desperately tried to save her babies but they were helpless and succumbed to the attack. When she tried to attack the Cobra, the snake redirected the attack on the mother, so she had to retreat back. The men present at the time of the attack tried to help with the help of a metal rod. Out of 5 puppies, four of them succumbed to the venom. People had called the forest officials for rescue but unfortunately, it was late by the time they arrived. Hundreds of Snakes Including Baby Cobras Found in a Daily Worker's House in Odisha, Watch Video! 

Check out the video of the dog trying to save her puppies from Cobra attack:

It is heart-breaking to see the mother dog try so desperately and failing. The person who shot the video was quoted in a report, "The snake was already aggressive and in an attacking mode. If we tried to save the puppies it would have bitten us too. So we didn't risk it." The men although did try to pull out the Cobra with a rod. They managed to pull the snake and hold it out of the bunker. The onlookers stared at the venomous snake in shock. Odisha has seen many occurrences of venomous snakes and attacks.

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