Co-washing: The hair cleansing method you should know about

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Co-washing: The hair cleansing method you should know about
Co-washing: The hair cleansing method you should know about

11 Jul 2021: Co-washing: The hair cleansing method you should know about

Have you often heard about the term co-washing but have been unsure what the term means? We are here to help you. Co-washing is short for "conditioner washing" and is a hair cleansing method that replaces shampoo with a conditioner. In this method, the conditioner is the only product that is used to clean and hydrate the hair. Read on to know more.

Benefits: Reasons why co-washing could be a game changer for you

Using shampoo regularly can effectively get rid of grime, but traditional shampoos contain sulfates that can strip your hair of its natural oils. This can eventually make your hair frizzy and dry. When you wash hair using conditioner instead of shampoo, you're still cleaning the scalp to remove any dirt, but with the added benefit of hydrating the scalp and hair in the process.

Conditioner: Tips to choose the right conditioner for co-washing

Most conditioners contain silicones, an ingredient that can weigh down your hair and make it lifeless over time. SD alcohol and polymers are also two other compounds that should be avoided. To make the best of it, check the label for humectants like honey and glycerine to lock in moisture. Soy protein, shea butter, and aloe vera are some ingredients that benefit the hair.

Shampoo: Does this mean you have to completely avoid shampooing?

No. Not at all. Even after you adopt co-washing, you will have to wash your hair using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month. This helps in removing any product build-up and prevents the hair from becoming too oily. If you feel that your hair is weighed down sooner, use the clarifying shampoo every two weeks or alternate between co-washing and shampooing.

Method: Here's how you can perfectly co-wash your hair

First, wet your hair and apply conditioner liberally. Now, scrub the scalp to remove dirt and sweat buildup. Apply a second round of conditioner to the ends and work up to the mid-shaft of the hair. Rinse thoroughly to wash away the product. Repeating twice a week if you have normal hair. However, if you have damaged hair you should do it more often.

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