UP CM Yogi Adityanath unveils population control policy; Opposition slams bill as 'communal'

On World Population Control day, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath unveiled the new policy on population control for 2021-30 with the aim to bring the population growth to 2.1%. This has sparked a massive controversy with Opposition parties slamming it as a communal and election-based move. 'The Bill starts with the incentives. It beautifully talks about all the exceptions. Everything has been mentioned in a detailed manner', Shantanu Gupta, Author, tells TIMES NOW. 'Population increase is a threat to the nation. In China 11 births take place in a minute, in India the figure is 33. How can we create employment on that scale?', Anand Dubey, Spokesperson, BJP (UP), tells TIMES NOW. 'Will Yogi Adityanath book BJP leaders who have given statements to increase the population? Will he call them 'anti-national'?', Nahid Lari Khan, National Spokesperson, SP, tells TIMES NOW. 'Govt is trying to win the #UP elections on the back of this population policy. It wants to suppress the anti-incumbency', Dushyant Naagar, Political Analyst, tells TIMES NOW. Listen in to this Big Story with TIMES NOW.

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