CM Shivraj Chouhan Kickstarts Campaign to Alert People on Covid Threat as Cases Spike, Assures No Lockdown

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Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan kickstarted an awareness campaign on Tuesday by blowing sirens to alert people about the Covid-19 protocol as infections are rising once again.

Along with his ministers, bureaucrats, and locals, CM Shivraj took to the local market where a two-minute silence was observed and sirens were blown. He personally distributed masks and drew circles outside shops for conveying the message of vigilance and alertness.

The campaign will run for a week where sirens will be blown twice at 11 am and 7 pm to make locals aware that the Covid-19 threat is still alive and thriving among us, said Chouhan. Saying that Covid19 was far from over, the Chief Minister said the state has reported over 1,500 fresh cases including over 400 cases in Bhopal alone in the last 24 hours.

This two-minute exercise is not symbolic, it shows our firm resolution against the fatal virus, he added. Chouhan also underlined the crucial importance of protective masks saying the virus is in the air and could enter your body through the mouth and nose so covering these organs is a must. He also urged people to donate masks to the poor.

On speculations of another lockdown, he clarified that the state government was averse to lockdown as it destroys the poor and businesses. We only opted for a Sunday lockdown as it does not affect the trading. He assured that we won't let Madhya Pradesh slip into the situation like other states.

Chouhan exhorted all political parties, religious heads, NGOs, traders, and others to unite against Covid-19. Let's observe Holi at homes, no fairs and gatherings are held, and implement the Roko Toko campaign against those who don't wear masks.

Amid opposition, the Congress party has slammed the siren campaign already. Former Congress minister PC Sharma said, BJP government isn't serious about the virus, by night curfew and blowing sirens, they think they can kill the virus, as they did last year by beating thalis (plates).