CM Punk and Renee Young show interest in WWE Raw Underground fight

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Bengaluru, August 6: WWE launched RAW Underground concept during this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in which Shane McMahon took charge of the show inside a warehouse setup.
Shoot-style fights went down with very little rules but lots of carnage and chaos. All of these were said to be the brainchild of Shane-O-Mac, garnered a lot of interest from fans and critics.
A notable name who responded to these innovative ideas was the former WWE Champion CM Punk. Last night on FS1, a Watch Along episode aired for SummerSlam 1992 where CM Punk, Booker T, and Renee Young appeared and discussed about some professional wrestling stuff alongside the RAW Underground.
During the conversation, CM Punk shared his thoughts on these shoot fights. He said he's already become a fan of the concept as the concept is pretty "cool" where "no-holds-barred" fights would go down with strippers dancing all around the ring. This is all he wanted to see.

The Straight Edge Society leader also wished that women should get a call on these kinds of fights. Nia Jax should be the first to get a call,
"I absolutely loved it. I want to see Nia Jax in there. They should get more women in there. Let us see some bodies getting broken.
"The idea that Shane McMahon and all these people would be in the Performance Center for the whole three hours and they cut into what they're doing in various segments is pretty cool. Three hours of no holds barred fights and strippers, that's all I want to see," said Punk

Booker T said that the first wrestler that came to his mind while watching Raw Underground was none other than CM Punk. He is now wondering whether this could finally bring Punk back to the WWE,
"As soon as I saw the preview - a shoot-fighting concept and all, bringing the noise - the first person I thought of was CM Punk. I know the money has to be right, but maybe this thing will lure Punk back to WWE."
Punk replied to the comment saying, "You want me to get that first MMA win, right?"

The former WWE Backstage host on FS1, Renee Young who recently lost that gig, also showed interest to get down into some fights on Raw Underground. She is more than ready to take on Bayley in this capacity as the current SmackDown Women's Champion never wastes a chance to insult her. Below is what Young had to say,
"I would fight Bayley. I would for sure fight Bayley!. She taunts me all the time, she's always calling me out. She's calling me out in different interviews saying she wants to fight me. So I'm game. My cardio is at peak level."

Renee Young then mentioned that she doesn't have "anything better to do" at this point where she's no more appearing on WWE TV and spending times in home-quarantine after getting over with a coronavirus situation. She doesn't yet have her in-ring gear but she will prepare something out to work in a match.
On a related note, Raw Underground helped WWE's flagship show to drew 1.72 million viewers which is up from the previous week's 1.62 million viewers. (it was the second-lowest viewership in RAW history) Hourly breakdown of viewership from the three separate hours of Raw is as follow,
1st Hour: 1.71 million (last week: 1.70 million)
2nd Hour: 1.82 million (last week: 1.69 million)
3rd Hour: 1.61 million (last week: 1.46 million which was the lowest 3rd hour viewership of RAW ever)
RAW drew a 0.51 rating in the 18-49 demographic, this week.

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