CM Kamal Nath's kitchen Cabinet is full of bureaucrats, claims minister Sajjan Singh Verma

Indore: Outspoken and fire-brand PWD Minister Sajjan Singh Verma has lashed out at his own party government claiming that bureaucrats are part of Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s kitchen Cabinet and they are the ones who are calling the shots.

“The CM’s kitchen cabinet should include politicians and experienced ministers. But, it is full of bureaucrats,” he said while addressing a programme on Sunday, organized by the Congress activists to share their problems.

He also targeted his government by saying that the officials posted in ‘Chashani’ like place in Indore are not posted by recommendation of any of the politician or ministers but due to their bosses (bureaucrats) in the Nath’s cabinet.

“I am not afraid of speaking the truth and of what will be published in newspapers tomorrow. I will definitely inform the CM about ground reality and conditions of the activists who had struggled for 15 years to make the party’s government in the state. The Government has come for the people but not the activists as government takes good action against mafias but activists are still struggling,” Verma said calling it his pain.

Verma also targeted former chief minister Digvijaya Singh and said that he had done the same as the SP and the Collector were his eyes and ears during his tenure.

The minister also said that he would recommend to the chief minister to make a committee of local activists for the selection of candidates for corporator tickets.

Digvijaya’s way of meeting Kailash demoralises activists

Condemning Singh’s way of meeting Kailash Vijayvargiya in his son’s wedding, Verma said, “The way he greeted and met Kailash was demoralising the activists. He (Singh) would have whispered in his (Kailash) ear that doesn’t worry as we are in government and we will not let happen anything to your aides like Munna Doctor and Yuvraj Ustad.”

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