Clumsy baby elephant trips while chasing dogs; adorable video goes viral

The baby elephant trips while chasing the dogs

A video of a baby elephant tripping while chasing dogs at the Rai Aomgord Phu Kao Organic Farm in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand has gone viral on social media. The viral clip features an elephant named T-Noi, who reacted to the two dogs that seemed to be annoying him. However, as the clumsy T-Noi tried to chase the two canines away, he tripped and fell.

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According to a DailyMail report, the 9-month-old elephant, who had come out of his enclosure to ward off the dogs, ran back into it after the two continued to bark at him. Manager Sathian Jaikham told the news website that the baby elephant slipped because of the heavy rain in that area.

Howeverm, the video triggered mixed reactions after it went viral. While some felt bad for the baby elephant, others were amused. "Sorry for baby elephant. Dogs should not be allowed to tease the baby. He could break a leg falling. Love this precious baby," read one of the many comments on the viral clip. Take a look at how the netizens are reacting: