This Clothing Brand Making 'Vaccine-Ready Garments' Proves That Anything Can Be Fashion

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There is no limit to creativity and when it comes to fashion, nothing is unexpected. Even during peak pandemic, people came up with various fashion-related challenges like a blanket challenge and sheet challenge. So now, when the world is in the vaccination phase, a clothing brandREVOLVE has come up with a segment called 'vaccine ready garments. As a part of this segment, the brand has introduced clothes that have shoulders exposed. Interestingly, there is a huge variety of clothes in this section ranging from off-shoulder tops to tube tops to shirts that have a slit on the shoulder. The purpose of this segment of clothing is to make sure that the buyer can get his or her vaccination smoothly, without struggling with the clothes.

A representative of the company told theInsiderthat the aim of the company is to be there for the customers during their important moments. Since the situation is such that vaccination has become an important part of people's lives, the brand too has stayed true to its motto and has curated a collection for the purpose.

"REVOLVE is all about being there for our customers when it comes to the important moments in their lives, and with things starting to look up with the vaccine rollout, why not look good while doing it?" the representative added.

Ever since this collection has gone live on REVOLVE's website, social media has been buzzing with all kinds of reactions. One user who seemed to be impressed with the collection took to Twitter and said the collection is 'super cute' and can be used even after vaccination.

Another Twitter user who shared the same sentiment wrote, "Revolve's vaccine ready section is actually very cute."

Even though there are quite a few users who have lauded the collection and the concept, some users have opined that the clothes in this segment are too expensive.