Podesta: Trump keeps bringing up Clinton because popular-vote loss ‘bugs the hell out of him’

John Podesta during a Washington Post Daily 202 Live event. (Photo: Kristoffer Tripplaar/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

John Podesta, chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, said Wednesday President Trump continues to invoke his former foe because it “bugs the hell out of him” that he lost the popular vote.

“I think it really just bugs the hell out of him that she got three million more votes than he did and he keeps coming back to that,” Podesta said on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Obviously, you know, we bear the burden of having lost the Electoral College. I lose sleep about that every night. You know, I think it’s partly strategic, to try to deflect attention from his problems, but I think she’s really under his skin because he knows that in the popular vote, that she beat him and beat him soundly,” he continued.

Despite winning the presidency in November, Trump has repeatedly discussed Clinton in the months since. The president frequently complains on Twitter that investigators are giving him scrutiny instead of her, even though he now occupies the Oval Office while she occupies the hiking trails of Westchester.

Trump has also touted the debunked claim that he would have won the popular vote if it weren’t for widespread voter fraud, which there is no evidence of.

On “New Day,” Podesta called Trump’s continued attacks against Clinton so long after the election “unprecedented.”

The commander in chief has also singled out Podesta on Twitter. Trump tweeted last month that “everyone” at the G-20 summit, a gathering of the world’s most powerful leaders, was discussing Podesta, whose emails were stolen and posted on WikiLeaks during the election. Podesta fired back, advising the president to “get a grip” and “get your head in the game.”

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