WATCH: Sneaky Monkey Uses Keeper's Mobile Phone to Order Groceries Online in China

A stealthy zoo monkey in China managed to use his keeper's cell phone to order grocery items online.

Lv Mengmeng, who works at the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou in eastern China, had been in the middle of ordering items of daily necessity on her phone when she realised she hadn't fed the monkey. She left her phone inside the office to prepare the meal.

However, when she came back to the office and picked up her phone, she found confirmation messages for orders she had never placed. Even the items that she had added to the cart were gone.

A puzzled Mengmeng decided to check the CCTV footage, only the find the culprit was right under her nose.

The monkey, who has grown up with Mengmeng, was caught on tape, stealing over to the phone and using it in Mengmeng's absence. Since its keeper frequently ordered groceries online, the monkey seemingly had no problems in ordering the items himself.

Mengmeng later told local media that she had not cancelled the orders as the monkey had only ordered items of necessity. Who knew that monkeys could be smart shoppers?

This is not the first time that an animal has shown an affinity for online shopping. Last year, a parrot teamed up with Alexa to order itself treats from Amazon.