Clever chimpanzee washes clothes after observing keeper doing it; video goes viral

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The 18-year-old smart chimpanzee was seen doing the chore perfectly.

Several studies have found a striking similarity between Chimpanzee and humans. Proving this, a chimp in a China zoo was seen washing clothes just like its keeper, taking everyone by surprise online.

The 18-year-old chimpanzee called Yuhui, who lives at the Lehe Ledu Theme Park in Chongqing, south-western China, was filmed spending about 30 minutes washing its keeper's T-shirt, with a bar of soap and a brush. Soon, the unusual video went viral on Chinese social media platforms.

According to local reports, Yuhui was watching him do the laundry, when the keeper decided to put out a T-shirt, soap and a brush to see if the chimp had learned how to do the laundry by observation. And smart and observant ape carried the task perfectly.

Watch the video here:

The keeper told Ecns, "I never intended to teach him, but he watched me nonstop so I wondered if he would do it on his own."

According to the keeper, besides washing clothes, Yuhui can also mimic other human movements, such as making a heart shape with his fingers and standing on one foot, People.CN reported.