After Cleaner Ganga, Large Flock of Flamingos is Painting Mumbai 'Pink' in Lockdown
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While the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has compelled humans to stay locked inside their houses, Mumbai has witnessed a sharp rise in the number of flamingos in and around the city.

Forest department officials and environmentalists have noticed a huge flock of flamingos in the Mumbai metropolitan region, especially in Navi Mumbai, Uran, Thane Creek, Panju Island and Vasai, according to reports.

Officials from the Nathuram Kokare of Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary have attributed the rise to 'less polluted water, air' and also the 'improvement in the quality of the algae', which is the primary food for the flamingos.

The images and videos of the flamingos also went viral on social media, with people expressing their awe at the sight of it.

Even fishermen have reiterated the same as the officials saying that they haven't ever seen so many of these pink birds flocking the Panju Island.

As per a Mumbai Mirror report, a wildlife warden in Thane, said, "Since there are hardly any humans around, flamingos, which are by nature social and tend to stay in large groups, are enjoying a hassle-free stay."

He also said that this could be the right time for environmentalists to study the behaviour of the flamingos, which can help them to devise more ways of conserving the species.

The flamingos have also been sighted at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Meanwhile, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) estimates there are 25 per cent more birds than last year.