Class XII Board Exam: How to score well in Biology exam

Indore: Students who aim to become doctors or create their mark in biotechnology must be well prepared for CBSE biology examination of Class XII. Though it might seem daunting to some when it comes to scoring marks, there is an easy science to prepare and score well in a subject like biology as well. 

Sharing her insights and experience, Sushmita Munshi, Biology subject expert gives the strategy for excelling in Biology examination 2019-20.

How to prepare for board exams?

* Go thoroughly through Biology syllabus uploaded by CBSE.

* Prepare schedule for preparing the subject and effectively distribute the topics based on their weightage.

* As the weightage of the units are almost same and the weightage is chapter wise, you have to distribute the topics according to their units.

* Find out your weak points, difficult topics so that you can pay more impasses on these topics and the mistake can be corrected.

* Diagrams are very important so thoroughly practice with labelling.

* Biology is theoretical subject therefore the presentation of the answer is very important, so practise writing the answer for good scoring.

* Pre-board exams and mock tests should be taken very seriously as they help you to evaluate your performance and improve on it.

* Practice variety of questions for revision.

* You should be physically fit and for this, you should take nutritious food, moderate exercise and proper entertainment.

Course structure and marks allotted to chapters:

Unit no Title Marks

VI Reproduction 14

VII Genetics and Evolution 18

VIII Biology and Human Welfare 14

IX Biotechnology & its Applications 10

X Ecology and Environment 14

                      Total 70

No fear, no major change in pattern: The paper pattern of Biology has not changed other than the option in the paper. Now there are 2 options in section A of 1 mark questions, 2 options in section B of 2 marks questions, 3 options in section C of 3 marks questions and 3 options in section D of 5 marks questions.

Most important topics

* Sexual reproduction in flowering plants

* Sexual reproduction in Humans

* Principles of inheritance

* Molecular basis of inheritance

* Strategies for improvement of food resources

* Microbes in Human welfare

* Human diseases

* Both the chapter of the unit Biotechnology and all the four chapter of the unit Ecology

How to attempt Biology board exams 2019-20

* Stay relaxed and peacefull.

* Be on time for exams.

* Utilize the 15 min for making the strategy of how to deal with the paper.

* Attempt the questions which you are very familiar with first.

* Manage the time and answer the questions precisely and to the point.

* Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary to make the answer effective.

* Use diagrams flow charts and tabular forms wherever you think necessary and wherever asked for.

* Highlight the important points.