Class 12 CBSE textbook declares ’36-24-36′ as best female body type!

Nithya Nair

Women empowerment and objectification of women should not go hand in hand, but sadly they do. We talk about achievements of women and praise their success and then take a tape to measure their body parts. With the rise of social media and trolling, body shaming has become a common thing. Women being ridiculed for their body shapes, sizes, color, etc in addition to cat calling has become a daily occurrence. While efforts should be made to teach the upcoming generation to respect women and humans in general and not judge them on the basis of their race, colour or creed, a Class 12 textbook of the Central Board of Secondary Education in India thinks otherwise! A 12th standard book, Health and Physical Education Textbook, authored by Sharmaji says that 36-24-36 is considered the best body shape for females.

According to the CBSE Class 12 textbook, women with these vital stats are able to participate in Miss Universe or Miss World competitions, as they have the best bodies. The objectification doesn’t end there. The author also says that women should exercise regularly to achieve the 36-34-36 body type! The textbook not only limits itself to the objectification of women but also men. It talks about how a perfect man’s body should look like. The CBSE Class 12 textbook reads, “While ‘V’ shape body is considered preferable in the case of males. A Twitter user Arjun Khurana found the absurd explanation in a Class 12 Physical Education textbook.” A complete paragraph titled, Exercise makes the figure beautiful is dedicated to understanding how to get the perfect body type like a Miss Universe!  Kill a Cat, asks Class 4 Environmental Studies textbook as practical experiment! Twitter rages on

Check photographs of the textbook here:

Class 12 textbook 000
Class 12 textbook 00

This is not the first time that the CBSE has come under fire for teaching irrelevant things to students. The Board had earlier asked its Class 4 students to kill a kitten in the name of a science experiment. According to The News Minute, the textbook has been published by the New Saraswati House and not the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which is responsible for bringing out textbooks used in CBSE schools. Maharashtra Class 12 textbook says ‘Ugliness’ and ‘handicap’ are reasons for demand of dowry

What do you think about CBSE’s controversial teaching methods? Do you think the textbook should be continued in classrooms for teaching inappropriate things to children about physical education? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section below. (Image Credits- The News Minute)