'This Claim is Disputed' Funny Memes and Jokes Are Latest Twitter Trend, But What Does it Mean?

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If you have scrolled on your Twitter timeline in the last couple of days, then you may have found a series of tweets, accompanying with the text, "This claim is disputed." It has become a trend with various statements being made and added with 'the claim is disputed' line. Some have even made many memes and jokes on it. So what does it mean? Are people just making funny statements and memes on it? In this article, we tell you what exactly this trend memes. The statement, "This claim is disputed" comes from Twitter's new way of flagging out tweets and untrue claims. What is The Meaning of Snowflake Emoji and Why Does Everyone Want it? Know About Origin of This Latest Trend.

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Twitter has recently flagged more than 3 lakh tweets for misleading content regarding US Presidential elections. The micro-blogging platform has tested new warnings and labels from early this month to avoid any fake claims about the US elections. US President Donald Trump's tweets have been flagged over and over again by Twitter, for his untrue claims. So now users are tweeting out statements, sometimes about them, some about others and adding the line 'This claim is disputed.'

Check Some Examples of 'This Claim is Disputed' Tweets:
Single Jokes

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Not Disputed Yet Disputed

Feeling Great? No.


Were You?

Some of you may not be able to see the text but just boxes, in that case, you will have to update your Twitter. The idea is just to make "untrue" claims about yourself or anything else, and then add this claim is disputed. So you could tweet the "Earth is flat" and then add the claim is disputed. Now you know what all the disputed claims on Twitter are.