Pune marks 100 green corridors; police, other ‘unsung heroes’ of organ donation process honoured

A green corridor is a special lane cleared out for an ambulance to carry harvested organs. (Representative Image)

(Written by Sadaf Inamdar)

Commemorating 100 green corridors in the city, the unsung heroes who made the process of organ donation successful were felicitated at an event organised by Ruby Hall Clinic on Saturday.

A green corridor is a special lane cleared out for an ambulance to carry harvested organs. The street signals are controlled manually to avoid red lights and peak traffic, ensuring the early arrival of the organ and increasing chances of a successful transplant.

The first green corridor was created for a heart transplant in early 2015 and since then, the city has seen many more, including those for liver, pancreas and lung.

Police also received praise for prioritising the delivery of a heart over the chief minister s convoy, which marked the 100th successful green corridor.

One donor can save eight lives. Each day, 15 people die waiting for an organ and the gap between donors and patients who are in dire need of a transplant keeps widening. However, recent years have seen efforts being made to bridge this gap with increased awareness programmes, family counselling and even the use of green corridors, said Dr Sanjay Pathare, medical director, Ruby Hall. He highlighted the significance of organ donation and outlined the efforts to assure maximum utility of organs even if it meant ferrying them from one part of the state to another.

Honouring the organisers who work behind the scenes to ensure quick transportation and retrieval of organs, Dr K Venkatesham, Police Commissioner and chief guest, appreciated the coordination among different agencies.

As part of the police force, it has always been our duty to care for our fellow citizens. We are honoured to play our role of creating green corridors. We look forward to collaborating for many more opportunities. This appreciation entails us to be more responsible and what will give us happiness is being ethical through principals and values we believe in, he said.

Taking note of the commitment of the city and rural police to the cause, Aarti Gokhale, central coordinator, Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC), said, Without the support and coordination of the traffic police, it will be difficult to make this endeavour a success. Residents have also exhibited tremendous faith, making it possible to cover the distance from Pune airport to Ruby Hall in just under seven minutes. In the chilly evenings of December, police don t even take breaks, such is their dedication.

Gokhale added, For the first heart transplant, I was extremely busy and called Dr Sarang Avhad, the then deputy commissioner of police for traffic and requested him to create the green corridor. Even though he was unaware of the concept, he trusted me fully.

The event was also attended by Sanjay Dularey, joint general manager, operations, Pune airport; G G Bhargav, assistant commandant, Central Industrial Security Force, Pune airport; Dr F F Wadia, chairman, ZTCC; Dr Purvez Grant, managing trustee, Ruby Hall Clinic; Bomi Bhote, chief executive officer, Ruby Hall Clinic, among others.