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With the introduction ofthe New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV in India in a few weeks, Citroën is bringing along over 100 years of innovation as a truly “human” centric brand striving to enhance “comfort” in its cars.The Citroën C5 Aircross SUV is an ultra-modular SUV that demonstrates Advanced Comfort with its unique patented suspension design utilising Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® and Advanced Comfort seats, embodying the ambition of the Brand to deliver comfort to the occupants.

With a consistent history of innovation in comfort, this attribute has been a defining hallmark of the company’s cars since the first took to the roads in 1919Today, globally, the brand’s leadership is illustrated by its “unique comfort” signature and embodied by the five key aims of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® Programme illustrated in the new Citroën C5 Aircross SUV the flagship vehicle from the Citroën brand which will be launched soon across India: 1. Flying Carpet Effect for cushioning the discomfort from road bumps through the Progressive Hydraulic Cushion equipped suspension system, exclusively developed by Citroën.

2. A stress-free travel environment Cocooned in Comfort with Acoustic Windscreen & Front Window glasses, Advanced Comfort seats with memory foam and 3 individually adjustable, reclining & modular rear seats that fold flat to offer a class leading boot space.

3. Panoramic Life with brighter and airier cabin and relaxing views of the scenery outside especially with its Panoramic Sunroof (Top end variant) 4. Intuitive Technologies to simplify life on-board which include the unique Grip Control System with multiple drive surface options, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Park Assist feature which enables you to park the car with only the brake and accelerator control while the car steers itself, Foot Operated Electric Tailgate (Top end variant), Engine Stop & Start function, a 12.3 inch Digital Driver Display, a 8 inch Infotainment Touchscreen with Phone Mirroring function, Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto amongst a host of other technological features.Powerful yet refined 2.0 litre Diesel Engine and 8-speed 'Efficient Automatic Transmission' with Shift and Park by wire control, that will provide a fuel efficient and comfortable drive.

All of the above elements of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® clubbed together with the seamless customer experience that we offer in India are aimed to offer Products and Services created differently for the well-being & comfort of our customers and to move the society onwards.” HIGHLIGHTS OF CITROËN COMFORT INNOVATIONS • Filtration of the road: Citroën has been a pioneer with the hydro-pneumatic suspension system inaugurated on Traction Avant, then with Hydractive suspension, blending the best of hydraulics and electronics. The recent launch of New C4 Cactus and New C5 Aircross SUV confirms that the Brand seeks a perfect damping of the road surfaces, to provide the occupants a feeling of being on a magic carpet.

• View of the road: Citroën DS’s turning headlights were able to illuminate the road even in the corners for the first time in the car production, allowing drivers to discover a new way of driving, with more safety and serenity.

• Lightness: Citroën cabins have always been bathed in light, for example with 2CV’s opening roof, or more recently with C4 Picasso’s panoramic windscreen • Easy to read information: Citroën has always been a pioneer in the way of displaying driving information. The most useful elements are displayed as naturally as possible to the driver, so that he can focus on the road. For example, CX’s revolving drum speedometer, C6’s heads-up display, or C4 Picasso’s wide digital cluster in 2013.

• Ergonomics and ease of use: Citroën has always innovated to help the driver’s movements with ‘satellite’ practical controls around the steering wheel, inaugurated on Visa and GSA.

• Practical and useful storages: comfort is also the ability to drop and store everyday items. Citroën has been the first to propose innovative and reachable storage places, like Berlingo’s Modutop or C4 Cactus’s Top Box.

BRINGING COMFORT TO CUSTOMER SERVICES In India, Citroën will introduce ATAWADAC (AnyTime AnyWhere AnyDevice AnyContent) Seamless Digital Customer Experience.

• Any time 24X7 online sales, accessories, used car, services, finance and insurance services • AnyWhere Experience the car in all dealer formats or even within the comfort of home, Service-on-wheels at any location, pick up and drop facility for car servicing, new car delivery at home • AnyDevice Stay connected from smartphone/tablet/laptop to dealership • AnyContent Configure car and services. Used car evaluation and trade-in in 30 minutes Also debuting in India, is the award-winning urban phygital showrooms “La Maison Citroën”, which means “The Home of Citroën”. 'La Maison Citroën' looks to disrupt the codes of traditional automobile distribution. It is a ‘feels like home’ comfort experience with its warm, friendly and colourful ambience. From shop window to final purchase, it has been designed to offer Indian car buyers a technologically rich, informative and immersive experience.

In the modern era, ‘comfort’ doesn’t simply refer to the physical comfort of the driver and passengers. The development of modern vehicles is already placing a new level of importance on comfort for all the occupants of a car. Citroën’s philosophy is focussed on creating greater peace of mind for people who drive for pleasure, everyday commute or business, ensuring & maximising comfort on all journeys.

As the 21st century goes on, the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme will cater to vehicle buyers in different segments and ensure that comfort remains a key element in the brand’s DNA for decades to come.