Citro Bio Shield Tunnel set up in AP's Anantapuram to control spread of coronavirus

Anantapuram (Andhra Pradesh) [India], April 29 (ANI): Anantapuram District Collector Gandham Chandrudu while inaugurating the Citro Bio Shield Tunnel, on Tuesday, at the Collector's office in Anantapuram, said it will help in controlling the spread of coronavirus. Speaking on the occasion, Chandrudu said: "To date, we have set up three tunnels in Hindupuram and four in Anantapuram. In this tunnel, there are two innovations. First, the liquid used in this tunnel is an organic liquid. It will have no side effects. Earlier, Sodium Hypochlorite was used at other places, but it has effects on the body like headaches, etc. But this is organic, will have no side effects. It is patented as Citro Bio Shield. It is very effective on viruses and bacteria." "Nowadays, the usage of Sodium Hypochlorite is being stopped due to the side effects. This one is biomaterial. Another advantage is that humidifier with nanotechnology is used in this one. It is enough to stay in the tunnel for only 7 seconds. With less amount of this liquid, we can disinfect more people. This tunnel is set up with the donations of YSRCP IT wing and NRI wing workers," he added. District COVID-19 Special Officer Vijayanand, Raptadu MLA Topudurti Prakash Reddy, Assistant Collector Jahnavi and others also participated in the inauguration ceremony of the tunnel at the Collector's office. (ANI)

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