Cigarettes after Sex? Lockdown Saw Spike in Orders for Condoms and Rolling Paper in India

Buzz Staff
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If a new survey is to be believed, a majority of Indians seem to have spent their days in lockdown making love or smoking. A survey conducted by the goods delivery website Dunzo found that people across several major cities in India ordered condoms the most in the lockdown, followed by rolling paper.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that being careful was the motto of most Indians.

According to a report, the order for condoms increased manifold during the day during the lockdown. Cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru saw a three-time surge in condom orders during the day time as opposed to the night time. Hyderabad saw a six times rise while Chennai and Jaipur saw a five and a four-fold increase in condom orders during the day.

Apart from condoms, orders for iPills and pregnancy test kits also jumped. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon and Delhi ordered the most number of contraceptive pills while Jaipur ordered the most number of home pregnancy test kits.

But apart from condoms, demand for another item surged manifold across cities - rolling papers. Used to roll loose tobacco and other illicit items such as marijuana into cigarettes or joints. And it seemed Bengaluru was rolling in the good times as the city ordered 22 times more rolling paper than Chennai.

When it came to food, the preferred menu differed from city to city. Gurgaon ordered "aloo tikki" burgers the most while Mumbaikars loved ordering dal khichdi and Maggie. Chicken biryani was the most ordered dish in Bengaluru.

Yet another survey conducted by food delivery app Swiggy, however, had recently found that some form of biryani was ordered once every second in 2020, making it the most ordered culinary dish in India. Demand for home-cooked meals also rose during the pandemic.

Over 3 lakh new users made their Swiggy debut by ordering in a chicken biryani, according to the data from the fifth edition of Swingy's annual 'StatEATstics' analysis.

"While we delivered 5 times as many orders to 'Home' addresses compared to 'Work' addresses between January and March, that number rose to 9 times as many Home orders vs. Work orders in April and May," the report mentioned.