Chubby face blues? Try these tips to reduce face fat

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Chubby face blues? Try these tips to reduce face fat
Chubby face blues? Try these tips to reduce face fat

16 Jul 2021: Chubby face blues? Try these tips to reduce face fat

Chubby cheeks are a delight for kids but when it comes to adults, facial fat can be quite a concern for the individual. When fat tissues accumulate on the face, they give a fuller appearance, making the person appear chubby. Spot reduction of facial fat is a nearly impossible task, however, there are few other ways to effectively tone your face.

Weight loss: Reducing overall weight will reflect on the face as well

The first step to reducing facial fat is to reduce the overall body fat as slimming the body can have a slimming effect on the face as well. Cardio workouts such as walking, running, biking, and skipping are a few of the many exercises that can help in quickly losing weight. You may also try out HIIT workouts that are as effective as cardio.

Facial exercises: Incorporating facial exercises and facial yoga will help

Though there is no scientific research to prove this, anecdotal evidence suggests that facial exercises are helpful in slimming the face. Lip pull exercise and chin lift exercise are among the many exercises that claim to give a sharp jawline and more defined chin. You can also try yoga asanas like simha mudra and jivha mudra that are known to give positive results.

Hydrate: Drinking enough water will reduce your calorie consumption

Hydration is important for not just losing weight but for keeping away diseases as well. Our faces can often become bloated and puffy due to fluid retention. An ideal remedy for this is to drink more water as it helps in reducing water retention in the body. Drinking ample fluids is also a smart way to keep away hunger pangs, thereby consuming fewer calories.

Alcohol: Cut down on the alcohol intake for a sharper jawline

Drinking too much alcohol has several side effects and one of them is a puffy face. This is because, alcohol causes the body to dehydrate, prompting it to store water. In addition, studies suggest that alcohol causes weight gain due to its empty calories. So, if you're looking to reduce face fat, it is best to stay booze-free for a while.

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