‘Christmas tinsel garland’: Australian woman finds 10 foot python in her christmas tree

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The 10-foot python spent quite a few hours on it, before slithering away at night.

An Australian woman got the shock of her life after finding a 10-foot python coiling in her Christmas tree.

According to local reports, Leanne Chapman her partner returned to their Queensland apartment after work on Thursday afternoon to notice a couple of noisy birds.

Chapman's partner decided to film the birds leaning on to the tree without realising that a python had parked itself on the tree. After realising that there was a live decoration on their tree, the couple decided to leave the snake alone. After spending a few hours on the tree, the snake reportedly slithered away at night.

It was only when it moved that the couple realised the snake's size, which they estimated it to be at least 10 foot. Take a look at how people reacted to the live decoration on the tree: