Chrissy Teigen's Pet Dog Petey Likes to Nap on the Bed but John Legend Thinks it's Too Big

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Internet's favourite celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend entertain their followers with some candid content. With her latest tweet, the 34-year-old model has done it again. On Sunday, Chrissy posted a tweet of her pet dog Petey, who wanted to snuggle into the couple's bed.

The twenty-three-second video shows Petey sitting on Chrissy’s bed. As she records the pet's reaction, the model says that even though dad says that it cannot sleep on the bed, she believes it can. The cute furry doggo blinks into the camera with its round moist eyes. Chrissy then says that Petey should make himself small before John comes and asks him to get down.

The video has received over 9,90,000 views on the microblogging site. Netizens are feeling their hearts melt by the brown poodle's innocent eyes. "Those eyes," commented a user.

Another user commented, "Snuggle up, so adorable."

One follower was reminded of a character from Sesame Street while another demanded a separate Instagram account of Petey so that he has his own wholesome content platform."@chrissyteigen I’m ready for Petey to have his own Instagram."

Chrissy and John welcomed Petey earlier in January this year. In a series of tweet, Chrissy explained that the poodle got its name Petey from the iconic Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels' movie Dumb and Dumber.

The dog was adopted by them after comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres, posted information about ten dogs, including eight puppies, who needed to be rescued.

The adorable videos and photos of Petey with the couple's children Luna and Miles were also shared by Chrissy. In one of the videos, Petey is being carried by Luna who walks up to her father John and says, "John would you like to hold her?" To this, John responds, "No I'm not John. I'm your dad."

The video received over 4.2 million views on Twitter. The pup has now grown up and it is pretty clear that he is too big to sleep on their beds.