Chris Dixon's Wonder Cat Named Meownuel Neuer Would Give Best Goalkeepers a Run for Their Money (Watch Viral Video)

Dhairya Ingle
·2-min read

For years now, Gianluigi Buffon, Alison Becker and many other goal-keepers have been very prominent. They are known for their impeccable records of clean sheets so far. But meet this cat named Meownuel Neuer who proved to be a monster in front of the goal post. The harmless four-legged animal was quite zesty in front of the goal post and made sure to defend every shot. Meownuel Neuer is surely becoming an Internet sensation with the kind of saves he has been making. Its owner Chris Dixon shared the adorable video of his pet on social media and the netizens could not stop going gaga over the saves. FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Hosts to Be Selected on June 25.

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So Chris has a small net in his house where he plays with a ball and aims at the goal post. But we dare say when Meownuel would be standing in front of the goal, not even a single goal can be scored. We see Meownuel Neuer jumping high enough to make those saves and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cat can surely give any best goalkeepers a run for their money. For now, check out the video shared by Chris on social media.

The video has already got over 3.4 million views and the netizens also can’t believe their sight. If the football community decides to have animals for the players, Meownuel Neuer would not only be the forefront runner but also would be the best goal-keeper for the team. Meownuel has become an overnight sensation and has been garnering attention from all sides on social media.