Choksi’s letter to cops on his abduction accessed; puts blame on Indian officials

Mehul Choksi’s letter to the cops has been accessed, which remarks sensational revelations about the mystery woman Barbara Jabarica. In the first claim, he states that Barbara invited him to her house, where 8-10 muscled men then restrained and thrashed, used a taser on his face, and took his wallet & Rolex. This is Mehul Choksi’s version of the abduction that happened in Antigua. He has squarely blamed it on the Indian officials, stating that 2 Indians were involved in this abduction as well, ahead of the deportation verdict. Further on, Mehul Choksi’s Council, Mr Vijay Agarwal, elaborates on the claims mentioned in the crime report ( called FIR in India) he lodged in Antigua.

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