Chinmayi Posts 'Nudes' As Requested By A Troll; Shocking Deets Inside


Last year, noted singer and dubbing artiste Chinmayi left everyone in a state of shock when she claimed that veteran lyricist Vairamuthu had harassed one of her friends. Thereafter, she claimed that he had harassed her as well which created a great deal of buzz amongst movie buffs. She also lashed out at actor Radha Ravi and accused him of 'encouraging' men to rape much to the surprise of all concerned.

With these controversies in the past, Chinmayi is back in the limelight for a surprising reason. A troll recently asked her to share some 'nudes' and tried getting under skin. Replying to the fellow, she posted her 'favourite nudes' on social media and proved that she is one witty person. She sure knows how to deal with trolls.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Chinmayi has taught a troll a lesson. Some time ago, she had lashed out at a guy for asking her wear a sari and prove her 'indianness'

"When I wear a sari there are groups of men who take photographs of my waist + side of my chest, circle it and upload it on soft p*rn websites. And then I get messages on how they are masturbating to it. I can be Indian in a sari and in jeans, Sir," she had said.

Trolling is a major menace which cannot be tolerated any cost. Let us hope that social media users realise this at the earliest and stop harassing celebs. Enough said!

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