Chinese Producer Microbt Has Launched Their MicroBT M40

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In bitcoin mining world the competition is heating up for bitcoin mining rig manufacturing. Just recently, the Chinese producer Microbt has launched their MicroBT M40 miner that processes speed up to 410 terahash per second (TH/s) because they used a 7NM chip in this ASIC machine, and the power Consumption of this model is only 2570W as they are using very special power supply for this ASIC miner, the power supply is called P25 It's built in with 100% copper and gold-plated wires using latest IC's only one of its own kind.

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Microbt’s New Whatsminer M40 Models Claim to Boast Highly Competitive Hashrates as it can be seen in test video below:

Ever since the coronavirus swept the globe, there have been a lot fewer announcements within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. This week the China-based mining rig manufacturer MicroBT has unveiled a new Whatsminer series machine that claims to process speeds up to 410TH/s. Microbt was founded in 2016 and the company has steadily become one of the leading mining rig producers worldwide. The company was launched by the current CEO Yang Zuoxing, a former employee of Bitmain. Ostensibly, Zuoxing was the lead director behind developing the Bitmain’s Antminer series, including the popular S7 and S9 models.

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In 2017 the company introduced its flagship mining rigs the M1 and M3 and sold close to 400,000 units. At the time, it was estimated that Microbt Whatsminer series machines powered around 10% of the overall BTC network hashrate. Since then, the team has launched several miners and in 2020 the Microbt team is keeping up with the competition with an onslaught of next-generation ASIC devices. This week, the Chinese mining rig manufacturer announced the launch of the MicroBT M40, a machine that claims to boast 410TH/s.