Chinese, Pakistani hackers on prowl, agencies devise a counter-plan

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Chinese, Pakistani hackers on prowl, agencies devise a counter-plan

To tackle the security issues emerging from recent spike in cyber attacks by Chinese, Pakistani hackers, the government held a high-level meet to discuss ways to counter the threats.

India's borders with China and Pakistan are officially peaceful with ceasefire agreements guaranteeing minimum hostility but the theatre of warfare might just have shifted to virtual world. There has been a substantial increase in cyber attacks on Indian systems in the past few weeks by Chinese and Pakistani hackers.

Looking to tackle the issue of cyber attacks by Chinese and Pakistani hacking groups, the government held a high-level meeting to discuss the measures to counter technological aggression discussed. The officials from the three services presented their respective views on the ways to tackle cyber attacks. They also stressed the need to improve offensive capabilities to deal with cyber attacks.

Sources abreast with the developments said that there has been a spike in attacks from Chinese and Pakistani hacker groups on Indian networks in recent past. Several attempts were made to steal classified information from military installations.

Army under the Corps of Signal has units and detachments for launching counter offensives but they were not proving to be as useful as the force wanted, sources said.

Under these circumstances, the Army has created two separate units under the military Intelligence corps employing signal officers to counter the cyber warfare launched by Pakistan and China. One field surveillance unit, called IFSU-1 has been created under the Army headquarters while another IFSU-2 has been raised in the northeastern sector.

"We are deliberately hiding the exact location of the unit for national security reasons. The two units have been involved in counter-hacking operations and have also helped in nabbing or locating hackers both in India and abroad," said an official.