Chinese Doctors Save Patient’s Life, Forced To Pay For Clothes Torn During Emergency Buzz Desk
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How grateful should be parents to a doctor whose child was saved from a critical condition? However, humanity and common sense of understanding seem to have gone for a toss after a father in China asked a doctor to compensate for damaging his son’s clothes in the emergency room. A man who lost consciousness due to artery blockage was rushed to the hospital, earlier this month. He was luckily saved by a team of doctors at Zhongnan Hospital in China’s Hubei Province. But, once the man moved to the ward, the father noticed the torn clothes. Following which he demanded 1,500 yuan from the doctor for tearing his son’s clothes, which is a common medical practice during emergencies.


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The man also said that some other things including identity card, some cash were also missing from the son’s pocket. The story became a topic of discussion on Chinese social media Weibo where most people criticised the man for being thankful for his son’s well-being and instead of asking a refund for clothes.

In the end, the doctor managed to negotiate with the man and paid him 1000 yuan. Shanghaiist quoted the doctor who said he could understand the father’s worry as saying, “For some people, 1,000 yuan is not a big deal, but for him, it was probably very important.” Meanwhile, social media users are commenting on the incident requesting to doctors saying, “Doctors! In the future, please save my life before my clothes!”