Chinese Company Punishes Underperforming Workers by Making Them Eat Cockroaches, Drink Urine

Team Latestly

Beijing, November 8: In an unprecedented case of torture at workplace, employees of a Chinese company were made to eat bugs and drink urine for their underperformance. The incident has been reported in China's southwestern province of Guizhou. Three managers of the home renovation company, who were involved in discharging the gruesome punishment, were arrested and jailed for 5-10 days.

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Employees who had quit the firm claimed that the underperforming employees were subjected to such cruelties from the start of this year. Apart from eating cockroaches and drinking urine, other forms of punishment included shaving of heads in public before the rest of staff, and drinking water from the toilet bowl. In some cases, the salary of a complete month was also withheld on the pretext of "poor performance". What Had President Xi Jinping Told Chinese Workers on International Labour Day?

The only way to avoid such humiliating and hazardous punishments was to be whipped with a belt by the company managers before the rest of the workforce.

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Video if the Guizhou-based Chinese company making its employees drink urine:

Apart from the underperforming workers, those employees who arrived late or forgot to wear formal attire, were fined as much as 50 yuan or $7.20 for each offence. The violations were formally recorded in white slips.

Despite the hardships, the state media in Beijing reported, most of the employees continue to be working with the firm. This points towards the lack of employment opportunities in China. Despite being the world's fastest growing economy, the country houses the largest population on the globe -- which has depreciated the value of workers.