Chinese academy holds first seminar for Catholic clergy

Indo Asian News Service

Beijing, March 4 (IANS) A Chinese political academy held its first seminar for Catholic clergy in China to discuss Chinese culture and religious policies, officials said on Saturday.

The Central Institute of Socialism (CIS) seminar will run till March 7 and 49 Catholic clergy members from Beijing and Jiangxi province will attend, Xinhua news agency reported.

Scholars, including Canadian professor of politics Daniel Bell, have been invited to lecture on topics including Confucianism, development of Christian culture in China and the history of relations between Chinese politics and religion.

The CIS said it will hold a seminar for representatives from the Christian community in China on similar topics.

Founded in 1956, the CIS is a political academy for non-communist parties and people without party affiliation.

It has offered Chinese cultural education to figures from ethnic and religious circles, new social groups, as well as the private sector.