China's port city suffers worst algae infestation

This ‘green tide’ is the worst algae infestation ever seen

by China's eastern port city Qingdao

Location: Shandong Province, China

More than 650 square miles of coastal area

have been taken over by harmful green seaweed

More than 1 million tons of algae are expected to be removed from coastal waters

Source: China News Service

(SOUNDBITE) (Mandarin) RESEARCH FELLOW, INSTITUTE OF OCEANOLOGY, CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, YU RENCHENG, SAYING:" 'Green tide' can also be regarded as a type of harmful algal bloom. It is also a manifestation of abnormal changes in the ecosystem. Therefore, we need to propose some prevention and control strategies based on understanding the mechanisms of green tide. But more importantly, we still have to pay attention to the coastal ecosystem, the impact of human activities on the ecosystem, or some changes in the green tide under the conditions of climate change."

Algae damages the local marine ecosystem

by taking oxygen from other organisms

and churning out toxic odors while decaying

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