China: Woman postpones surgery because she did not want to miss Singles Day shopping carnival

Shubham Ghosh

Beijing, Nov 16: Women are known to be shopaholics, that's not new. But here is a story of a woman who is such a shopping-obsessed individual that she did not think twice before postponing an urgent surgery so that she did not miss out on the Singles Day shopping deals.

According to Shanghaiist, the woman was admitted to a hospital in Zhejiang province in eastern China around 7 pm on Saturday, November 10, as per a doctor who revealed the unique situation that came up on WeChat, a messaging app. The woman was in a serious pain as she was diagnosed with an acute appendicitis but yet she decided to defer the operation that her doctors recommended so that she could be a part of Alibaba's annual online shopping carnival!

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The doctors tried to make the woman understand that the surgery would be a simple one but she was unmoved. The doctors had to give in eventually and her surgery was postponed till Monday and she was given some medication for the period in between.

Alibaba saw a hugely successful shopping carnival of sales touching $30.8 billion on Sunday, November 11, making it the biggest shopping day in history. However, the woman shopper's story of deferring a surgery for the occasion reminded all of the bizarre incident of 2015 when a woman jumped up in the middle of a sex session because the clock ticked the beginning of Singles Day shopping and left his husband's organ broken, Shanghaiist added.

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