China urges US to review Chinese students' visa application denied under Trump-era rules

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Beijing [China], July 7 (ANI): China has lodged stern representations to the United States over the rejection of visa applications from Chinese students, under rules of former President Donald Trump's administration.

Addressing a press briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, "China expresses grave concern over this and has lodged solemn representations with the US side."

This rebuke comes after Chinese students' visa applications were reportedly denied on the grounds that they violated Presidential Proclamation 10043 signed under the Trump administration.

The spokesperson said that relevant US visa restrictions carry on the "poisonous legacy" of the Trump administration and run counter to the US statement of "welcoming Chinese students".

"China urges the US side to correct its mistakes, review Chinese students' visa applications, stop using various excuses to restrict and suppress them, protect their legitimate and lawful rights and interests, and create a healthy atmosphere for China-US people-to-people exchanges and educational cooperation," the spokesperson added,

In June last year, the United States began to implement a presidential measure to restrict the entry of Chinese graduate students and researchers with ties to China's military.

Under this proclamation, visas of scores of Chinese nationals have been revoked by the US government to prevent Beijing from using students and researchers to steal intellectual property, technology, and other sensitive information.

The proclamation suspends entry of certain Chinese students and researchers connected to the PRC "Military-Civil Fusion Strategy."

It seeks to the restrict entry of Chinese nationals seeking to enter the United States pursuant to an F or J visa to study or conduct who either "receives funding from or who currently is employed by, studies at, or conducts research at or on behalf of... an entity in the PRC." (ANI)

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