China tightens control over Galwan valley, accuses India of trespassing

Beijing [China], May 18 (ANI): Chinese border troops have "enhanced control measures" after India's "illegal construction" of defence facilities in Galwan Valley region of the disputed Aksai Chin area, Chinese state media reported.

A report published in Global Times has accused India of crossing the "boundary line in the Galwan Valley region and entering Chinese territory."

"The actions by the Indian side have seriously violated China and India's agreements on border issues, violated China's territorial sovereignty and harmed military relations between the two countries, according to the source," the report stated.

The report comes days after two incidents of skirmishes between Indian and Chinese soldiers.

Troops of India and China were engaged in two face-offs in Eastern Ladakh and North Sikkim along the disputed Line of Actual Control where troops from both sides suffered injuries.

Aksai Chin is an Indian territory that is controlled by China. It has been a flashpoint of aggression since 1962.

The report said the region belongs to China. "The Galwan Valley region is Chinese territory, and the local border control situation was very clear," it said

"In view of the current situation, China's border defence troops have taken necessary measures to strengthen an on-the-spot response and control of border areas, resolutely safeguarding China's sovereignty and security and maintaining peace and stability in border areas," the report added. (ANI)