China says if 'Muslims collectively oppose India's move' in J&K, it'll be hard to control situation

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China says if 'Muslims collectively oppose India's move' in J&K, it'll be hard to control situation

The Chinese government's mouthpiece Global Times said in an editorial on Monday that India is "too reckless on border issues" and keeps on breaking "status quo" impacting regional situation. It also said that India continued to challenge surrounding countries' interests and expected them to "swallow the provocation and accept the new facts made by India". The editorial was with regards to the revocation of Kashmir's special status.

The site also said that it was unimaginable for Pakistan to not take "strong countermeasures" against the abrogation of Article 370. "If the Muslims collectively oppose India's move, it is hard for India's system to control the situation. We do not see that India has the political and other resources to fully take over the area," it said.

It further alleged that the US and the Western nations "connive" with India. "India also thinks China is busy at the trade war and the Belt and Road Initiative, and so it is a good time to act on border issues," it said, adding, "Even if India succeeds with its geopolitical trickery and unilateralism, it will amass new hatreds."

The Global Times editorial further said that it would be a "wiser choice for India to not squeeze its neighbour". It added that tense India-Pakistan relations will only worsen an already-sensitive situation.

"India's forceful measure to change the region is unlikely to go smoothly. New and old hatred toward New Delhi's unilateral decision will plant traps in the road ahead for the nation. If New Delhi uses nationalism to support its reckless diplomatic moves, a vicious spiral will be launched," it said.

It ended the editorial by saying that a nationalist India has no future and that Asia's general geopolitical pattern will never accept such an India.

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